Goals andTopics

The overall goal of this interdisciplinary workshop is to raise the level of engagement and discussion about human factors in software product engineering and processes in order to identify opportunities to improve the quality of scientific results and improvements on human aspects of software product development.

A further goal of the workshop is to identify opportunities to improve the quality of scientific discourse and progress on human aspects within software processes, as well as to identify opportunities able to educate researchers about how to conduct sound human-centered evaluations in the context of software engineering.

To achieve these goals, it is important to bring together researchers and practitioners who face the problem of integrating human factors in software processes and have tried effective methods to resolve it. The workshop will provide a forum to discuss the following research questions:

  • What are the key methods that allow the integration of human factors in software processes?
  • What methods do current software development teams use to engage users in software processes?
  • How can the level of human factor involvement be objectively verified during and after software development?
  • How to educate researchers on performing human-centered evaluations in software engineering processes?