Wednesday, November 27

** Update Program**

Opening and Welcome

[13.30 - 13.50]  

Workshop Introduction
Silvia Abrahao and Simone Romano

Session I: Human factors in software processes
[13.50 - 14.20]  

Fabian Kortum, Oliver Karras, Jil Klünder, and Kurt Schneider:
Towards a better Understanding of Team-driven Dynamics in Agile Software Projects

[14.20 - 14.50]  

Mercedes Ruiz and Davide Salanitri: ​
Understanding how and when human factors are used in the software process: a text-mining based literature review

[15.00 - 15.30]  

Coffee Break

Session II: Empirical Studies
[15.30 - 16.00]   Judy Moreno, Jairo Aponte, and Mario Linares-Vásquez:
Working Conditions for Software Developers in Colombia: An Effort-Reward-Imbalance-based Study
[16.00 - 16.30]  

Maria Caulo, Rita Francese, Antonio Spera, and Giuseppe Scanniello: ​
Dealing with Comprehension and Bugs in Native and Cross-Platform Apps: A Controlled Experiment

[16.30 - 17.00]  

Diego Fontdevila, Marcela Genero, Alejandro Oliveros, and Nicolás Paez:
​“A Case Study for Validating the Usability Model for Software Development Process and Practice

[16.20 - 17.00]  

Wrap-up & Closing


Presentations will consist on: 20 min. paper presentation + 10 min. discussion in group